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Healthy Marriage, Love Is Not Enough

Love can indeed make your marriage happy. But unfortunately, love alone is not enough to make a marriage last and achieve goals. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to foster a healthy marriage. Marrying someone for love alone without realizing that he is not good or less intelligent might be called romantic. There is no perfect human being, but in the long run, this decision could be a disaster, you know. Many marriages begin with love, but end in separation. This is because marriage is really an emotional test and a test of life skills. The problem is, life skills are not taught and trained. So that not a few who fail while undergoing exams in marriage, even though married for love. Why Is Love Not Enough? However, a happy and harmonious marriage in the long run cannot be achieved only by love. The two main reasons are: Marriage is not just about romance Marriage is not merely a romantic relationship between two people. There are many needs and responsibilities that must b
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Various Types of Thermometers and How to Measure Temperature Exactly

Did you know that the type of thermometer varies? Each thermometer has its advantages, by measuring the temperature that can be different. So that you don't choose and use it wrong, let's get to know the type of thermometer and how to measure temperature precisely. Thermometers on the market are digital and some still use mercury as a measure of body temperature. The use of thermometers in measuring body temperature also varies, some are placed in the mouth, on the forehead, in the ear, or plugged into the rectum. Types of Thermometers There are various types of thermometers that can be used to measure body temperature. Here are a few: 1. Digital thermometer Digital thermometer made of plastic material and shaped like a pencil. Usually this thermometer uses an electronic heat sensor to record body temperature either through the mouth, armpits, or rectum. Digital thermometers used to measure temperature through the rectum are generally more elastic. 2. Digital ear thermo

Anticipating Uterine Infection as a Cause of Infertility

Uterine infection is characterized by inflammation of the lining of the uterine lining, medically called endometritis. Although generally not life-threatening, this uterine infection must be treated immediately so as not to develop into a more serious and fatal condition. Uterine infections can result in infertility, if not treated immediately. Therefore, women need to know what can cause uterine infections and recognize the symptoms, so that they can identify this condition early on. Causes of Uterine Infection In general, uterine infections are caused by bacteria, including sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, as well as excessive growth of normal bacteria in the vagina (bacterial vaginosis). Uterine infections are more common after childbirth or miscarriage. In addition, there are also several factors that can increase the risk of uterine infections in women, including: Suffer from diabetes or other diseases that interfere with the immune system.